Friday, December 21, 2007

Titus Welliver's mustache

Sorry, long layoff. Blame an ice storm, an illness, the death of a good friend, laziness, being busy—that should cover it.

So I watched Gone Baby Gone recently and thought it was pretty good. I was awestruck by one thing though: Titus Welliver’s mustache! It’s the best film facial hair I’ve seen since Daniel Day-Lewis grew a glorious handlebar as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York in 2002.

Welliver, who also has proved he can grow a great beard in HBO’s Deadwood, worked his mustache to his advantage in scene after scene. I was mesmerized by Welliver’s mustache so whoever decided he should grow it was dead on right as it aided his character in a rough and tumble Boston neighborhood.

I had a hard time finding a photo of Welliver alone with the mustache so this one of him in a group will have to do. Well done, sir, well done!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is a great mustache! I have one just like it.