Monday, December 24, 2007

#5 Living director--David Lynch

When I was a teenager I discovered the wonderful and weird world of David Lynch through two films: Eraserhead and Blue Velvet. The latter is still one of my favorite films ever. Since then I’ve let Lynch take me down strange roads time and time again. I think he’s one of the most unique voices in American film who refuses to play by Hollywood’s rules—his most recent, the three hour epic Inland Empire, was shot on DV and is as puzzling, exhilarating and interesting as anything Lynch has ever done. I recommend pretty much every release Lynch has made, from Twin Peaks toThe Straight Story to Mulholland Drive, it’s all worth seeing as Lynch pulls the curtains back on the dangerous that lurks just below the layer of innocence. Go to and check out his daily weather reports from this American original.

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