Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye Dragon Inn scene

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the hidden staircase said...

tsai is my number one director!

the bathroom scene would not be my fave from goodbye dragon inn...but it is a good example of tsai's style....

people walked out of this beautiful film when we saw it in the theatre years ago!!! how???? how can people not love the long, long beautiful shots....they are like paintings with light really.

even in this scene with men peeing and performing the human basics in the weirdly lit public bathroom....tsai uses the one fixed shot and just lets what's going on happen. some may think it's slow or pointless, but tsai manages to get us to philosophically? or psychologically? examine ourselves. he illuminates to we are all alone in this...but alone together.

i don't know...i just wish more people would see tsai's films. it may take some patience for americans especially because there is no obvious plot and not a lot of talking -- but visually....and pschologically....tsai is a master!