Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January movies

I didn't see a lot this month [sixteen films]. I started a new full-time job in the middle of the month with the Palos Verdes Library District and working [plus the commute] cuts into the movie watching time a little bit. I did see some cool things this month--The Road Warrior was by far my favorite screening in a theatre. As I said in a recent post--I love that movie so much. I also saw one of my favorite documentaries that I've seen in a long time in the 2007 Abel Raises Cain. You want entertainment that's right up my alley, it's this look into the life's work of media prankster Alan Abel, as he goes from one bit of media tricking shenanigan to the next. Abel calls himself the greatest hoaxer ever and I have to hand it to the guy, he really has pulled some doozies on gullible media through the decades. Before you get to the list of films, check out the trailer of the Abel Raises Cain and then get it through Netflix. If you are a fan of Andy Kaufman, or even Sacha Baren Cohen, Abel is the grandfather of the public hoax and watching all his antics shouldn't be missed.

The Muppets---2011---usa   ****
Orgasm, Inc.---2009---usa   ***
The Postman---1997---usa   *
The Marinovich Project---2010---usa   **1/2
Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel---2006---usa   ***
Abel Raises Cain---2007---usa   ****1/2
White Men Can't Jump---1992---usa   ***1/2
Green Card---1990---usa   ***
Another Year---2010---england   ***1/2
Mad Max---1979---australia    ***1/2
The Road Warrior [aka Mad Max 2]---1981---australia   ****1/2
WarGames---1983---usa   ****
Warrior---2011---usa   ****
12:08 East of Bucharest---2006---romania    ***1/2
The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA---2006---usa   ***
Ghostbusters---1984---usa   ****

Oh, I also saw a black fedora wearing James Spader talking on a cell phone in front of Langer's Deli in downtown Los Angeles. Probably my favorite random celebrity spotting yet.


Anonymous said...

Love your celebrity spotting of Spader...fedora and cell phone, yep that's Spader! Seldom is he spotted without the hat or talking on his cell phone.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Ha. He was sporting a black suit jacket too--man in black.

Had another random sighting last night. SJ and I were having dinner at Terroni on Beverly Blvd and sitting directly next to her was Jami-Lynne Sigler. We were eavesdrop close on this one, ha. One quote I remember, "I love being in the spotlight, but not that much in the spotlight" or something of that line. It's a pretty noisy restaurant, so that was the best eavesdrop I could pick out. She had a salad and fried calamari if you are into that kind of information, ha.

hidden staircase said...

james spader! that's a good one! i imagine the cell phone helps him close out the world that is watching him...even if he's not really talking to anyone, ha.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

He was talking business to someone it sounded like in the brief exchange I heard before I was out of earshot.

hidden staircase said...

ah, james spader eavesdrop!