Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2002 statistics!

In 2002 I moved cross-country from New York City to Seattle, Washington. It would be my second stint in Seattle as I lived there in the mid-to-late 1990s. Seattle is a great movie town with lots of theatres [although a couple of my favorites, The Neptune and The Uptown recently shut down sadly] and the bestest video store in all the land with Scarecrow Video. 2002 was a good year for movies.

Total: 200

By Decade

1910-19: 1
1940-49: 5
1950-59: 2
1960-69: 6
1970-79: 10
1980-89: 14
1990-99: 24
2000+: 139

Where I Saw 'Em

145--Seattle, Washington
32--Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
15--Tulsa, Oklahoma
2--Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Dallas, texas
1--Hollywood, California; Los Feliz, California; McCook, Nebraska

Who I Saw 'Em With

128--Loner style
26--Nancy Churillo
19--Lillian Blevins
10--Sveta Mendyuk
7--Phil Hollins
6--Shane Davis
5--Sherrill Davis; Leah Vu
2--Michael Aycock; Michael Ninburg
1--R. Steven Bird; Scott Booker; Migee Han; Kelly Healy; Emily Hennigs; Joshua McNichols; Robert Schrader; Lily Yuan

By Country

124--US and A!
6--South Korea; Spain
2--China; Hong Kong; Sweden; Taiwan
1--Argentina; Austria; Canada; Czech Republic; Iran; Israel; Kyrgyzstan; Mexico; Norway; Yugoslavia


hidden staircase said...

wowee! and phil's in here for 7! hey...and just so you know: neptune is still going to show films during the festival and the uptown has been taken over by SIFF's movies. this week they are showing 'perfect sense' with ewan. so...not completely gone!

hidden staircase said...

actually...SIFF at the uptown are showing a bunch of things. this looks promising: you ever see 'ratcatcher'?

hidden staircase said...

um...i'm wondering if this was the first year we did the SIFF with 'journalist' passes?! hahaha...

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Staircase--That's good news about Uptown and Neptune. I had read that SIFF was taking over the Uptown for films, but had less optimism for Neptune. We used to watch a lot of films there! More than the Uptown [we did watch the Wilco doc there among other things].

Hey, I'm a journalist, ha! I deserved every single press pass I ever got at SIFF!

hidden staircase said...

you did...but not me! ha!