Saturday, December 17, 2011

Save 35mm film petition

Julia Marchese, an employee of the New Beverly, has started up an online petition for individuals to sign and I'm urging everyone who reads this to add their name to it. I have. Go here to sign it. Julia's trying to get 10,000 signatures that will be sent to the studios who are threatening to stop letting rep cinemas use prints to exhibit to the public. If that happens, places like New Beverly will have to change the way they do things [they are film only at this point]. Even theatres that only dabble in rep cinema will have the prints barred from use, forcing everyone into screening every older film they show into a digital presentation.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how the major studios are attempting [well, they aren't attempting, they are actually doing] to faze out film prints for new films, if the studios have their way, even the old movies will be shown digital only. These studio hacks, a collection of brain dead, bottom line whores, think that EVERYONE is okay with watching a DVD or Blu-Ray of a beloved movie instead of a lovingly warm 35mm print. Well, those people are idiots. Do your good deed of the day, please go to the link above and sign the petition.

***Photo by Julia Wallmuller***


hidden staircase said...

edgar wright needs to tweet about this!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I bet he did. I know that New Beverly did since this really affects them--they are not digital at all. If it's not a print, they don't show it.