Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011's list of speakers

Since moving to Los Angeles in October, I've hit the mother load regarding the opportunity to hear directors, actors, critics and other people connected to movies speak about cinema. Being prone to lists, I promptly began to jot down every person I saw do a Q & A, introduction or was involved in talking about a film. There are also some folks I'm putting on the list that I saw participate in a live script read---they are marked by a red * after their names. Here's the list in order of when I saw them speak and what they are most known for. Over 50 speakers in three months! The one I was most excited about? Clint Eastwood.

John Hawkes--Actor
Sean Dirkin--Director
Elizabeth Olsen--Actress
Elvis Mitchell--Critic
Jason Reitman--Director
JK Simmons*--Actor
Jennifer Garner*--Actress
Aaron Paul*--Actor
Patton Oswalt*--Actor/Comedian
Mindy Kaling*--Actress
Michael Chiklis*--Actor
James Van Der Beek*--Actor
Dick Smith--Make-up artist
Clint Eastwood--Actor/Director
Leonardo DiCaprio--Actor
Armie Hammer--Actor
Dustin Lance Black--Screenwriter
Woody Harrelson--Actor
Robin Wright--Actress
Owen Moverman--Director
Ben Foster--Actor
Brie Larson--Actress
Panos Cosmatos--Director
Jeffrey Bloom--Director
John Saxon--Actor
Roger Corman--Producer/Director
Alex Stapleton--Director
Julie Corman--Producer
Werner Herzog--Director
Natalie Portman*--Actress
Steve Carell*--Actor
Pierce Brosnan*--Actor
Ken Jeong*--Actor
Nick Kroll*--Actor
Jake Johnson*--Actor
Collette Wolfe*--Actress
Paul Feig--Director
Gavin O'Connor--Director
Fred Lincoln--Actor
Marc Sheffler--Actor
Martin Kove--Actor
Jack O'Halloran--Actor
Marc McClure--Actor
Joe Dante--Director
Allan Arkush--Director
Eli Roth--Director
Edgar Wright--Director
Mary Elizabeth Winstead--Actress
Clifton Collins, Jr--Actor
Thomas Jane--Actor
Bryan Lee O'Malley--Writer
Michael Bacall--Actor/Screenwriter
Lewis Jackson--Director
John Landis--Director
Matthew Weiner--Writer
James Gunn--Director
Doug Benson--Comedian
Larry Karaszewski--Screenwriter
Leonard Maltin--Critic
Walter Hill--Director/Screenwriter


hidden staircase said...

clint over werner? or over mr. hill? clint!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Could only be one number one. Werner, John Landis, Walter Hill were the others that really stood out.