Saturday, December 03, 2011

November movies

Moving to Los Angeles has definitely been good for CineRobot. I think this has been the best two months on CineRobot since I started it in 2005. I've had some good months, but the sheer variety and amount of posts have come in a flurry. I have written about so many cool events and screenings with special guests [Clint! Werner!] that it is hard to keep up with the list of people in film I've heard talk or seen in person. I've started up a new, long-running series ["Los Angeles Cinema"] and have gotten to review films before they get wide releases in theatres across America [J. Edgar, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Rampart, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Carre Blanc, Corman's World, Into the Abyss]. I don't think this is an anomaly, I expect to have these kinds of posts coming non-stop as long as I'm living here.

I'd really like to up my readership list, so, I am asking you to help me spread the word! If you have film-loving friends who might enjoy reading about movies, please enter their e-mail on the home page and every post will come to their e-mail to read. Send them a note to let them know that they will have to accept CineRobot before getting the posts. It's an easy, non-evasive way to read the blog. Thanks dear readers!

Here's the list of what I saw in the month of November.

Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World---2010---usa   ***1/2
Paranormal Activity 2---2010---usa   ***
Valley Girl---1983---usa   ***1/2
J. Edgar---2011---usa   ***
Beyond the Black Rainbow---2010---canada   ***1/2
Carre Blanc---2011---france    ****
Rampart---2011---usa   **
Blood Beach---1980---usa   ***
A Better Life---2011---usa   **1/2
The Other F Word---2011---usa   ***
Corman's World---2011---usa   ****
Into the Abyss---2011---usa   ****
Blues Brothers---1980---usa   ****
The Girl From Monaco---2008---france   **1/2
If a Tree Falls---2011---usa   ***1/2
Melancholia---2011---denmark   ***
Visual Acoustics---2008---usa   ****
Planes, Trains and Automobiles---1987---usa   ****1/2
My Week with Marilyn---2011---england    **
Woody Allen: A Documentary---2011---usa   ****
Love the Beast---2009---australia   ***
American Swing---2008---usa   ***
Hugo---2011---usa   ****1/2

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