Saturday, September 10, 2011

Attack The Block

While I won't be "officially" a Los Angeles resident until October 1st, I'm
counting Attack the Block as the first movie I watched since I saw it after
an apartment lease was signed. I'd been longing to see this buzzed about
British film all summer and it lived up to the lofty expectations I'd built.
It's the most fun I've had with film all summer. Boundless energy, vibrant,
youthful performances, one-liners, action, pulsating score--Attack the
Block is a perfect summery concoction about a group of teenagers fighting
off aliens when they land on their particular council block estate in a rough
part of London.

What I wasn't into so much was the $13.50 charge to see it. It's a good thing
I liked it with those prices.

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