Thursday, June 18, 2009

In case you get sick

I found this scan on my computer and realized I never posted it. Months ago Circle Cinema screened the film Tokyo Gore Police for the monthly midnight movie series. It is a recent Japanese film that has wall to wall mayhem--if you like arterial blood spraying, then this film is for you! You will see arterial spray from every possible appendage in Tokyo Gore Police. Neck, wrists, elbow, legs and more are all hacked off to unleash the blood feast. We decided to give away vomit bags to the audience as they entered the theatre--here is an image of the "Too much carnage I'm going to be sick bag" from that night.


Anonymous said...

There’s an amazing film coming soon to Seattle that I can’t wait to see. Audience of One will be at the Northwest Film Forum July 17-19. It’s a documentary chronicling Richard Gazowsky in his attempt to make an epic biblical science fiction movie. Guided by a directive from God, He and his church attempt to make a film that could cost up to 100 million dollars and redefine the Hollywood epic. Director Michael Jacobs follows the church in their unwavering dependence in God despite the many obstacles in their way. A humorous and moving film about faith, obsession, and delusion. Modern version of Don Quixote. Incredible!

Bungle said...

I was at that show. In fact (in retrospect) I think you handed me the bag.