Sunday, April 12, 2009

Street cred

Recently Vern Snackwell and I spent an afternoon upping our street cred points for how nerdy we can be for film watching. Vern, who is on a 2009 quest for five hundred movies (!), came over to my house about 5.30 with a pizza and Dr. Pepper. The weather outside was sunny, springlike and high 70s. It was a gorgeous day, one of the first days like that of spring. We didn't really get to enjoy that though as we promptly turned on the TV and watched three episodes of Eastbound and Down and then the Japanese film Tokyo! for the next three and a half hours.

If it's one thing film geeks worry about it is their rep among other dedicated film geeks. What is more embarrassing in life than to get attitude from a video store clerk at a good video store (if you have a good video store in your town--and I'm not talking about the awful Blockbuster and Hollywood chains--then you know how these people can get up on the cinema high horse)? This afternoon should give us a few points on that front. Forget good weather, Vern and I will take pizza, a raunchy TV show and a so-so Japanese film any day over walking outside, doing yard work, sitting on a park bench, taking the dog down by the water for exorcise, riding a bike or any of that active stuff.


the hidden staircase said...

where's mozi in this? did she take the pic from the couch?

Bungle said...

Your A/V makes me jealous.