Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 stats

Total films seen in 2008: 202

1920-1929: 4
1930-1939: 10
1940-1949: 10
1950-1959: 4
1960-1969: 7
1970-1979: 6
1980-1989: 15
1990-1999: 11
2000+++: 125

Where I saw 'em:

164--Tulsa, Okla.
6--Seattle, WA.; On a jet
5--New York, NY; Pryor Creek, Okla.
3--Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Santa Fe, NM
2--Jenks, Okla.
1--Dallas, tx; Lisbon, Portugal; Miami, Okla.; Oklahoma City, Okla.

Who I saw 'em with:

11--Lillian B.
10--Tim S.
7--David N.; Sara Y.
6--Mary Beth B.
5--Nancy C.
4--Fitzhume; Maggie B.
3--Cassie T.; Scott B.
2--Jeff M.; Kelly H.; Peter K.; Sacha W.
1--Angie S.; Bracken K.; Brandi B.; Brandon S.; Donnie B.; Greg Y.; Gunter B.; Jacob B.; Kade B.; Larry H.; Laura W.; Norma S.; Shane D.; Trevor K.

By country

126--US and A!
5--Denmark; Italy; Japan
4--Czech Republic
3--Australia; Hong Kong; South Korea; Spain
2--Germany; Norway
1--Canada; Cuba; Finland; Lebanon; Iran; Ireland; Romania; Russia; Sweden; Thailand

Seen in a theatre: 76
Documentaries: 18
Tearjerkers: 10


Guy Gadbois said...

I knew I'd finish behind alone, but 3rd?!? I thought I had the ultimately trivial title of 2nd place wrapped up. What happened?

Brandon said...

I'm happy to have made the list, and so did the wife.

Replicant said...

I think that is your first time to make the list Brandon.

There was a feverish finish to the year Guy Gadbois. You were sitting with a three movie lead going into Christmas weekend when a relative went on a 2 day binge to topple you. You think I WANTED to watch FREAKY FRIDAY? That was just to get her the title win, ha.

the hidden staircase said...

bladerunner in lisbon!!! a definite high point in the subcave!

Replicant said...

Hidden Staircase: Agreed. Blade Runner with Portugese subtitles down in that Lisbon sub-cave was one of my favorite film moments in 2008. Sub-cave!