Saturday, November 01, 2008

October movies

I watched Halloween last night--the first half of the Circle's Halloween + Halloween II double feature--and how I love that film. The last twenty minutes are amazing! The terror of pursuit, the John Carpenter soundtrack, the screams, wonderful, wonderful.

---2008---usa ***1/2
Miracle of St. Anna
---2008---usa **
The Foot Fist Way
---2007---usa ****
Love Crazy
---1941---usa ***1/2
---2008---usa ****
---2004---spain ***1/2
Fools For Scandal
---1938---usa ***
Czech Dream
---2003---czech republic ***1/2
Dans Paris
---2007---france ***
Flickering Lights
---2000---denmark ***
The Horse's Mouth---1958---england ***
In Search of a Midnight Kiss--2008---usa ***
Halloween---1978---usa *****!

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