Sunday, November 16, 2008

The painful wait for Synecdoche, New York

How much longer will I have to wait to see this film? Each Friday I check the local listings to see if it has made it to Tulsa yet. So far I'm still waiting.

Synecdoche, New York is the latest mind puzzler from Charlie Kaufman (his first as a director) and involves a plot so strange and convoluted it would be a waste of our time to go into it. I actually am trying to avoid the film as much as possible just so it can "surprise" me when I see it. Great cast, bizarre story lines, challenging cinema--I better get to see this before I go to New York in six weeks.


Replicant said...

This is in Tulsa...hopefully I'll see it this weekend.

the hidden staircase said...

did you ever write a review of this?
i did not enjoy it but waded through it somehow. it was a dull agony...