Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The rest of the androids minus best picture

Let's just give out the rest of the ANDROIDS right here and now...all except best picture, I'll do the final three and hand that one out tomorrow.

Best Actress, nominees: Rachel Weisz/The Constant Gardener, Amy Adams/Junebug, Joan Allen/The Upside of Anger but the winner for best actress ANDROID:

Catherine Keener! A long time favorite of mine had a great 2005 by appearing in four films and delivering the goods in all four of them. Keener was in The Ballad of Jack and Rose, a drama that had her sharing the screen with the best actor alive, Daniel Day-Lewis. Next was The Interpreter, where Keener played an FBI agent and shared scenes with maybe the second best actor on earth, Sean Penn. The 40 Year-Old Virgin came next and Keener showed she could deliver some comedy zingers in one of my favorites. Lastly, she plays Harper Lee in Capote and is solid yet again. Makes my heart swell to see her give such varied, interesting performances.

Best Director, nominees: Paul Haggis/Crash, Ki-duk Kim/3-Iron, Bennett Miller/Capote, Jim Jarmusch/Broken Flowers but the winner for best director ANDROID:

Ang Lee! Ang has made some terrific pictures in the past but he’s never been in such utter and complete control as he is in his heartbreaking neo-western love story Brokeback Mountain. There’s not a single wasted image in the film and he gets great performances out of the entire cast.

Best Cameo: Kentucky singer Will Oldham shows up at the start of Junebug, bushy mustache and all, and delivers a couple of lines about an outlaw artist in North Carolina. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Oldham appear on screen. I kept hoping he'd show up again but it's a brief cameo.

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