Wednesday, May 02, 2012

April movies

Blurring through The Sopranos is still affecting my monthly movie totals, but we are now at the start of season #5, so we're getting close to ending that quest. I did see a few more films than are listed, but they are possible Slumber Party 4 titles and don't want to reveal anything in case one of those gets chosen for a surprise film. The highlight of the month was seeing Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles at the Orpheum movie palace. We had amazing balcony seats for that one and I have a post coming with photos of the lit-up marquee of the theatre and maybe an interior I shot with my iPhone. There's nothing like seeing a movie with nearly 2,000 other people!

The Hunger Games---2012---usa   ***
The Future---2011---usa   ***
Pretty Poison---1968---usa   ***
Signs---2002---usa   *1/2
Jeff, Who Lives at Home---2012---usa   ***1/2
The Man Who Knew Too Much---1956---usa   ****
Beginners---2011---usa    ****
The Kid with a Bike---2011---france   ***1/2
Cabin in the Woods---2012---usa   ***1/2
Chinatown---1974---usa    *****!
Knuckle---2011---ireland   ***1/2
Bully---2012---usa   ***
The Hangover 2---2011---usa   *1/2
The Heartbreak Kid---1972---usa   ****


hidden staircase said...

ah, that your 2nd viewing of 'beginners' -- right? love that one...

5 stars for 'chinatown'!

nice when you get some 5'ers in there...

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Yes...second time. It was for this monthly film series at my library. I gave intro and then led a 20+ minute discussion about it that started with a confession regarding my crush on Melanie Laurent!

hidden staircase said...

hahaha. if i had to do that, mine would have been about ewan. i want to see his 'long way down' by the way! and did you ever see 'big fish'? i never saw 'the pillow book' either. did you see 'perfect sense'? not sure i'd like that one. i just re-watched 'ghostwriter'...pretty good and ewan is pitch perfect.

i will want to re-watch 'beginners' again sometime. like we said before too, great canine role! ah, love those subtitles.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Surprised you never watched PILLOW BOOK w/ all the full frontal that Ewan does in that one, ha.