Monday, May 28, 2012

2004 statistics!

Here's the last of my statistical updates as from 2005 on, those have already been published on CineRobot since I started the blog in that year. 2004 had me living part of the year in Seattle and then moving back to Oklahoma for graduate school. Do you get the feeling I like to move around a lot based on these statistical updates and the amount of my moving around? Well, after my move from Norman to Tulsa in May of 2005, I stayed in one house, one city, one state for over six years. And then I moved again, to Los Angeles. Here's 2004's stats for you number junkies.

Total: 263

By decade

1920-29: 1
1930-39: 2
1940-49: 3
1950-59: 5
1960-69: 9
1970-79: 29
1980-89: 23
1990-99: 9
2000+: 182

In a theatre: 134
Documentaries: 29

Where I saw 'em

102--Seattle, Washington
75--Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
43--Norman, Oklahoma
28--Tulsa, Oklahoma
5--Siloam Springs, Arkansas
4--Broken Arrow, Okla.; Oklahoma City, Okla.
1--Dallas, texas

By country

165--US and A!
6--Hong Kong
5--Italy; Spain
4--South Korea
2--Australia; Austria; China; Denmark; Ireland; Taiwan; Thailand
1--Belgium; Brazil; Czech Republic; Hungary; Iran; Israel; Mexico; Mongolia; New Zealand; Poland; Scotland; Sweden

Who I saw 'em with

178--loner style
35--Nancy Churillo
16--Lillian Blevins
11--Shane Davis
9--Kelly Healy
8--Trevor Koop
5--Phil Hollins
4--Sherrill Davis; Michael Ninburg
2--Dave Showinski; Lily Yuan
1--Nicole Agostinelli; Michael Aycock; Jory Boling; Jack Buchans; Katrina Gibson; Emily Hennigs; Joshua McNichols; Katherine ???


hidden staircase said...

another festival with free tix! and wondering which phil flix are in there... :)

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

With Phil in 2004:

The Closet--2001---France--Phil scored it 3.5
Shoalin Soccer--2002--Hong Kong--Phil scored it 3.5
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind--Phil rated it 4.5
American Mullet--2002-usa--Phil went 3.5 for it
Fahrenheit 9/11--Phil scored it a 4

hidden staircase said...

so cool!i remember seeing 'the closet' and think it was at the cinerama with the director. Not 100% on that. 911 at Neptune, right?! i know he really liked 'eternal sunshine'...will have to re-watch that! Forgot about the soccer and mullet! memories with him are kind of weirdly special.