Saturday, March 03, 2012

February movies

Kind of a light month total wise, high scores though. Quality over quantity is always a good thing. I joined Cinefamily in February and went to at least three non-film events there that I didn't count as "films" despite the fact that film was involved. Other quick thoughts for the month that didn't make it into a post: Cape Fear looks very good on blu-ray, watching the intense Incendies on back-to-back nights can put you in a dark mood and These Amazing Shadows is a recommended documentary about the film preservation world.

Margaret---2006---usa   ***
Kill List---2011---england   ***1/2
Minnie and Moskowitz---1971---usa   ***1/2
These Amazing Shadows---2011---usa   ***1/2
Incendies---2010---canada   ****
Incendies---2010---canada   ****
Undefeated---2011---usa   ****
Bullhead---2011---belgium   ***1/2
Cape Fear---1991---usa    ****
The Forgiveness of Blood---2011---albania  ***1/2

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