Sunday, March 25, 2012

2003 statistics!

2003 saw me living in Seattle and travelling home to Oklahoma on multiple occasions. I almost made 200 films for the year [195]. This was my last full year I lived in Seattle, as I moved back to Norman in 2004 and then to Tulsa in 2005. I had six+ years in Tulsa--a long stretch of not moving for me that was recently broken-up by the move to Los Angeles. Here's my 2003 in statistics!

Movies in a theatre: 96
Documentaries: 26

Where I saw 'em:

127--Seattle, Washington
36--Pryor Creek, Oklahoma
14--Tulsa, Oklahoma
11--New York, New York
4--Rogers, Arkansas
2--Dallas, texas; Norman, Oklahoma; Washington, D.C.
1--on a jet; on a train

By country

129--US and A!
10--France; Japan
5--South Korea
3--Hong Kong; Spain
2--Canada; Czech Republic; Iceland; Ireland; Scotland
1--Algeria; Australia; China; Cuba; Finland; Holland; India; Iran; Italy; New Zealand; Poland; Sweden

Who I was with

124--Loner style
18--Lillian Blevins
17--Nancy [The Hidden Staircase] Churillo
10--Michael Ninburg
7--Trevor Koop
5--Shane Davis
4--Robert Schrader
3--Betty Gore
2--Phil Hollins; Sveta Mendyuk; Lily Yuan
1--Nicole Agostonelli; Scott Booker; Jack Buchans; Sandy Buchans; Momeko Han; Kelly Healy; Clay Korthalls; Janet Moody; Billy Morgan; Bruce Painter; Trevor Painter; Leah Vu;


hidden staircase said...

seem to remember your notebook with semper fido sticker!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I think you were with me when I bought it from that bookstore on Roosevelt next to Bengal Tiger.

hidden staircase said...

ah! horizon books. no longer there! where i got my cat sticker too. and bengal tiger moved to across the street. not the same at all! i'd like to look through your stats when i visit to see what we watched (and the scores we gave) and i want to see what you and phil watched together! must have been another press pass year!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

They went out of business? Hard for small book shops like that. Didn't know BT moved too! I need to come visit to know what's still there and not in the same place.

I have my all the Kinetoscopes on the shelf--some of them I was more up on keeping everyone's score. Now I rarely do that it seems.

hidden staircase said...

i need a new 'cat freak' sticker. it's just a white splotch on the back window of Sparky.