Thursday, October 13, 2011

Movie watching drought

There's a major drought in certain parts of the country--Oklahoma for one. So, it makes sense that my move to the west coast has created my own kind of drought when it comes to watching movies. I was going to do my usual post where I list all the films I've seen in the month of September, but when I consulted Kinetoscope realized quickly I'd seen very few movies. September was a frantic month that saw me coming to Los Angeles looking for a place to live, returning to Tulsa to deal with selling my house, a bunch of small/big projects related to work or finishing Dead Cinema or just boxing up everything we owned worth putting into the Pod. Two of my usual standbys, books and movies, took kind of a back seat to something called "life."

I haven't watched a movie in nearly two weeks! I know, highly unusual behavior for me. I've got to get my self back in order quick. The last thing I saw was a midnight movie at Circle on September 28. That was kind of fun, a text-friendly screening of Napoleon Dynamite where the audience could text their hearts out and they would appear on the screen. It was Oklahoma's first pro-texting screening. Basically, it was history being made in a small, small way. I saw only six films in September and one of those I saw two times [Drive]. That's actually one of my favorites for 2011 by the way. Loved it.

We're close to being completely unpacked and settling in now, so, my drought will not last much longer. I've got a few screenings at New Beverly and LACMA in the calendar as well as trying to catch up with some new releases. Although I will be dealing with "Welcome to LA" items such as a parking ticket on the FIRST day we got here! SJ got one too so lesson learned: do not screw with these Los Angeles meter maids as they will dish out a $68 dollar ticket.


The Dude said...

Maybe you should just chill. You know, lie down, shut your eyes, breathe deeply and listen to some Credence tapes. Or maybe go bowling!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Considering it's 96 degrees here today--maybe I should go see a matinee and get out of this hot apartment! We only have a tiny AC in the bedroom. I didn't think LA got this hot in mid-October.