Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January movies

Tulsa is completely snowed in as we've been hit with a record setting blizzard for February. I doubt we leave the house for at least two days. Photo is of Mozi desperately trying to get back into the warm house after she was let out to do her business. You can see she only made it a few feet before rethinking the matter over. She then had to get courageous and leap her way to the back of the yard where she likes to go. So, I'll be watching movies, reading and updating the blogs [here and Blevins Fotografic]. Pretty good start to 2011 as I got in 25 films in this month. Unfortunately, I saw too many mediocre or below average ones with 6 getting below 3 stars. The Heart Specialist is one of the worst films I've seen in a theatre in years! Watch it if you want to see exactly how many ways to not make a movie! I saw five documentaries and was blown away by Javier Bardem's performance in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's latest Biutiful.

Calvin Marshall---2009---usa   ***
Street Fight---2005---usa   ****
Hannah Takes the Stairs---2007---usa   **
Shutter Island---2010---usa   **
In the Electric Mist---2008---usa   ***
Made in Dagenham---2010---england   ***
Samaritan Girl---2004---south korea   **
China Moon---1994---usa   **1/2
The Mackintosh Man---1973---usa   ***
A Perfect Getaway---2008---usa   ***1/2
Winning Time---2010---usa   ***1/2
Red Riding 1983---2009---england   ***
The Heart Specialist---2006 [released 2010]---usa   *!
Departures---2009---japan   ***1/2
Not Quite Hollywood---2008---australia   ****
Tokyo Sonata---2008---japan   ***1/2
La Strada---1954---italy   ****
All Good Things---2010---usa   ***
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue---2003---denmark   **1/2
Burden of Dreams---1982---usa   ***1/2
The Way Back---2010---usa   ***
The Secret of the Grain---2008---france   ***1/2
The Two Escobars---2010---usa   ***1/2
Another Year---2010---england   ***1/2
Biutiful---2010---mexico   ****1/2


hidden staircase said...

ah mozi!
she probably enjoys the snow days as much as you since you're home hanging out...

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I think she got sick of us cutting into her sleep time on her favorite spot to doze. After 6 days, she was ready to have full control of the couch back!