Sunday, January 02, 2011

December movies

In a few days I'll post one of my favorites of the year--the 2010 statistics! That will have the complete list of who, what, when and where (but no why will be given). Until then, be happy with the rather mundane monthly list of what I saw and my 1-5 ratings. As December usually is, this was a busy month with me watching 32 films that saw a couple of 5 stars (including the first time I have ever watched the pretty amazing The Treasure of Sierra Madre) and a bunch of films poised to get nominations come award time.

Taxi Driver---1976---usa   *****!
Heartbreaker---2010---france   ***1/2
Hannie Caulder---1971---usa   ***
Last Train Home---2010---china   ***
Red Riding 1974---2009---england   ***
Mr. Death---1999---usa   ***1/2
Frozen River---2008---usa   ***1/2
The Tourist---2010---usa   ***
Triangle---2007---hong kong   ***
Black Swan---2010---usa   ****
Humpday---2009---usa   **1/2
True Grit---2010---usa   ****
The Legend of Jimmy the Greek---2010---usa   ***
Red Riding 1980---2009---england   ***
A Prophet---2009---france    ****
The Fighter---2010---usa    ****
The Pursuit of Happiness---1971---usa   **1/2
The King's Speech---2010---england   ***1/2
Four Lions---2010---england   ***1/2
Bomb It---2007---usa   ***1/2
How Do You Know---2010---usa   **
The Furies---1950---usa   ***
Whatever Works---2009---usa   **
It's Kind of a Funny Story---2010---usa   ***
The Treasure of Sierra Madre---1948---usa   *****!
A Solitary Man---2009---usa   ***
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison---1957---usa   ***1/2
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Phil Spector---2009---usa   **
I Love You Phillip Morris---2010---usa   ***
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale---2010---finland   ***
Tron: Legacy---2010---usa   **1/2
Scott Walker: 30th Century Man---2006---usa   ***1/2


Eva said...

I've got a weak spot in my heart for Heaven Knows, Mr Allison

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I liked it too--Robert Mitchum is hard to top in stuff like this. I've got a bunch of John Huston films in my queue and this and THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE were first up.