Sunday, October 10, 2010

Showing The Outsiders in an alley

Recently I was involved in helping with a screening of The Outsiders in a unique Tulsa location: a downtown alley. A screen was hung off a brick building, a DVD/projector was placed on top of a truck, a PA system was hooked up and presto, it's movie time. The neat thing about this particular alley was that a scene from The Outsiders was actually filmed in it.

The Outsiders is a special novel and movie to a lot of Tulsans, myself included. Written by S.E. Hinton when she was a Tulsa teenager, the book was a favorite of mine growing up. The film version from 1983 and director Francis Ford Coppola has a legendary who is who of young Hollywood types. Here's the list: Tom Cruise, C. Thomas Howell, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane and Leif Garrett. Tom Waits even has a small role.

These two images were taken the night of the screening--one of the film itself and the other a view of downtown Tulsa from one of the seats.

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