Friday, September 03, 2010

August movies

Highlight of the month: Winter's Bone. See it as it's one of 2010's finest so far. Low point? Bruce Campbell's My Name is Bruce. I love Bruce but this movie is wretched. I don't give a lot of 1 stars (I usually just stop the film before it ends if it is that bad) but this disaster is deserving of that 1 star and no more.

Dinner for Schmucks---2010---usa   ***
Corazon Marchito---2007---mexico   **
Winter's Bone---2010---usa   ****
My Name Is Bruce---2006---usa   *
Julie and Julia---2009---usa   **
Eat Pray Love---2010---usa   ***
The Expendables---2010---usa   **
Wild Grass---2009---france   **
Two From the Wave---2009---france   ***
Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World---2010---usa   ***1/2
Shake It All About---2001---denmark   ***
Matinee---1993---usa   ***1/2
Stolen Kisses---1968---france   ****
Patrik, Age 1,5---2009---sweden   ***1/2
Get Low---2010---usa   ***
Bed and Board---1970---france   ***1/2
Water Lilies---2007---france   ***
Zurdo---2003---mexico   ****

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