Friday, July 02, 2010

June movies

June probably had one of my favorites of the year (Toy Story 3), least favorite (Strange Wilderness), best titled (The Great Ecstasy of the Sculptor Steiner or Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo), favorite doc (Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage) and most nauseating (The Human Centipede). So, I guess you could say June was a diverse month of film viewing. The year is officially half over and my film total for six months is 112. On pace for 224.

Get Him to the Greek---2010---usa   ***
Gumshoe---1972---england   **1/2
Strange Wilderness---2008---usa   *
Splice---2010---canada   **1/2
Some Kind of Wonderful---1987---usa   ****
Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage---2010---canada   ****
Last Chance Harvey---2009---usa   ***
Please Give---2010---usa   ***1/2
For the Love of Movies---2009---usa   **1/2
The Secrets in Their Eyes---2009---argentina   ****
Inglorious Basterds---2009---usa   ****
Paprika---2008---japan   **1/2
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo---2009---japan   **1/2
Toy Story 3---2010---usa   ****1/2
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)---2009---netherlands   **1/2
The Great Ecstasy of the Sculptor Steiner---1974---germany   ***


Guy Gadbois said...

I. Hate. Rush.

I would rather tongue-bathe my grandmother than sit through a Rush documentary. Frankly, I'd probably get more enjoyment from the former.

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Guy--Then you wouldn't have liked the Rush doc. It pretty much traces their career album by album by album from the very beginning. You are kind of sick admitting that desire to "tongue-bathe" grandma though, ha.

Cinerobota said...

I have to disagree w/ Cinerobot on this one. I don't like any Rush songs-- in fact, I can't identify any of them except for Tom Sawyer-- and absolutely loved the doc. One of my fave movies of the year.