Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May movies

The highlight for May was watching a Charlie Chaplin double feature in Miami, Oklahoma at the Coleman Theatre. It's always a special treat to see something there with the wurlitzer as the only sound companion. It was the short Easy Street and Chaplin's first feature, The Kid. I saw a couple of films during May that I had high hopes for but they disappointed--Greenburg and Harry Brown. I was let down by both of them for different reasons--some short reviews are coming up that will likely talk about them slightly more.

The Book of Eli---2009---usa   ***
When in Rome---2009---usa   **
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo---2009---sweden   ****
Reel Injun---2009---canada   ***1/2
Just Wright---2010---usa   **1/2
Greenburg---2010---usa   **1/2
Short Cuts---1993---usa   *****!
Hoosiers---1986---usa   ***1/2
Alice, Sweet Alice---1977---usa   ***
Kites---2009---india   ***
The Kid---1921---usa    ****
Broad Street Bullies---2010---usa   ***1/2
The Messenger---2009---usa   ***
Exit Through the Gift Shop---2010---england   ****
Harry Brown---2010---england   **1/2
City Island---2010---usa   ***1/2

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