Tuesday, January 01, 2008

December movies

I saw 25 films in December. I was trying to make it to 200 for the year (accomplished) and had some time off work, which means I can lay around all day reading and watching movies. It's rough. Plus, we had a major ice storm that hit town, knocked power out everywhere but a local multiplex had theirs so I hung out there a lot.

I watched Blow Up for the first time and didn't like it at all! Wow, is that film dated and overrated. I didn't like the much lauded I'm Not There either. I rewatched No Country for Old Men (perfect!) and really loved the very dark Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

La Jetee--1962--france *****!
Dan In Real Life--2007--usa ***1/2
Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project--2007--usa ***1/2
Enchanted--2007--usa ***
Blow Up--1966--italy **
Gone, Baby Gone--2007--usa ***1/2
The Horse Whisperer--1994--usa ***
Red Dawn--1984--usa ****
Chalk--2007--usa ***1/2
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead--2007--usa ****
Lars and the Real Girl--2007--usa **
The Vikings--199?--usa **1/2
The Football Factory--2004--england **1/2
Disapearing Acts--2000--usa ***
Tin Man--2007--usa ***
Kill, Baby...Kill!--1966--italy ***1/2
Charlie Wilson's War--2007--usa ***1/2
Gridiron Gang--2006--usa *1/2
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story--2007--usa ***1/2
I'm Not There--2007--usa **1/2
Lonesome Jim--2006--usa ***
No Country For Old Men--2007--usa *****!
Catch and Release--2006--usa **
Freedom Writers--2007--usa **
10 Things I Hate About You--1999--usa ***1/2


bb said...

You watched some "interesting" movies. Was Tin Man the one on the SciFi channel? I watched those three episodes all in one day and thought it was pretty cool.

Replicant said...

Yeah, I kind of cheated and counted TIN MAN--heck it was 5+ hours so figured it should count for a movie!

By "interesting", do you mean good stuff you want to check out? It was a varied month trying to reach the magical 200.

bb said...

"Interesting" means there were a couple I would like to watch and a few I can't believe you sat through.

Replicant said...

Name some names! I can guess which ones you "can't believe" I watched since I know how you feel about romantic comedies. When I saw ENCHANTED there was nothing but me and preteen girls, ha. But I wanted to see the happiest, feel goodingest (I know that's not a real word) movie out there...and it had Amy Adams in it.