Friday, January 04, 2008

#1 Living director--Martin Scorsese

It was a tough choice between Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese (some might say that PTA is a Scorsese clone), I had to choose the one who has been making gripping cinema for well over 30+ years. That would be Scorsese.

I saw Taxi Driver when I was too young to probably watch it, when I was 10 or 11 and it blew my mind. My dad took me to see Raging Bull when it came out in theatres soon after I’d seen Taxi Driver and me and Scorsese have been close ever since. Scorsese has made many of my favorite films beside those two—Good Fellas is my favorite mob film for example, something I could watch every year and never tire of it.

At 65, he is not slowing down either as last year’s The Departed was a throwback Scorsese film, brimming with energy, violence and attitude. Until someone can knock the master off his throne, Scorsese will continue to be the greatest living director in my eyes.

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