Monday, December 05, 2005

Let the people speak or forever...

Long layoff. Sorry. Kind of busy. December will be a month of lots of posts once I get going. I promise.

Curious to see what other people think has been the best/worst in film for the is your chance to infuence the voters of the first ever Android Awards that I will be doling out over the next few weeks. So, what movies have you loved or hated? What actors/actresses have stood out? What film has been overrated or completely annoyed you? Any overlooked films that you loved in 2005?


the hidden staircase said...

worst for me is definitely
pride and prejudice


worst decision by an actress - kiera kn. getting lip job

Replicant said...

ol' kiera does have the puffy upper lip after her injections.

Brandon said...

The Brothers Grimm was probably the most disapointing movie that I saw all year. I expected something a little better than that.