Monday, November 14, 2005

You want great acting?

If you want to see the performance that will likely win the first ever "Android" for best acting (it's my own CineRobot film awards to be called "Androids"!) go see Capote and soak up Philip Seymour Hoffman's unreal capturing of Truman Capote. Hoffman has delivered a lot of terrific performances in films and on stage (I was lucky to see him and John C. Reilly on stage doing True West a few years ago) but this might be the highlight of his career.

Playing Capote is a difficult role to pull off but very early in the film Hoffman just sort of "becomes" Capote and you forget it's acting you are watching. Great, great stuff from a long time favorite. Catherine Keener also gives a standout performance alongside Hoffman and the movie as a whole will be in the running for an Android for best film of the year.


the hidden staircase said...

yes yes, i want to see this. janet and her friend veronica saw it in pdx and both really liked it and loved psh as well as ck. it's at the egyptian. (oh and the midniter this week is the muppet movie!) i will enjoy this i expect, especially since our re-reading of mockingbird!

Anonymous said...

Where you been bubba? Have the movies been that bad?

Xtine said...

will you have a red carpet portion for the Androids Awards? will price waterhouse handle the voting?

Am I invited? ;)

Replicant said...

All are invited to the first ever Android Awards (the "Double AAs") except maybe the surgically altered Joan Rivers and her no-talent daughter.

Laura said...

I saw CAPOTE yesterday afternoon and I loved it. Then again, it's hard for me not to love anything that PSH does.

Speaking of, I didn't read this post because I wanted to see the movie first, but I'm SO JEALOUS that you saw him in TRUE WEST! That was running the first time I visited New York and I always regretted that I didn't get to see it. I think I hate you a little bit now.