Monday, October 01, 2012

September movies

September was all about Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master in 70mm at Cinerama Dome. I'm kind of torn on it. While it is incredibly conceived and executed, it is also so completely isolated and stand-offish, that it is quite difficult to form a connection to it. I really admire it though. It is so completely outside the realm of the endless onslaught of mainstream American cinema these days [you know, ridiculous films about super heroes, sequels and other assorted CGI laden attempts at blockbusters]. The Master flies in the face of every single one of those conventions and its ambition should be applauded and rewarded. I am going to see it a second time before it leaves the theatres to give it some more thought.

Men at Work---2006---iran   **1/2
Bansai---2011---chile   ***1/2
L'Iceberg---2005---france   ****
The Imposter---2012---england   ***1/2
Robot and Frank---2012---usa   ****
The Fairy---2011---france   ***1/2
Hey, Boo---2011---usa   ***
The Soloist---2009---usa   **
Contagion---2011---usa   ***
Bottle Shock---2008---usa   ***
The Outsider: James Toback---2003---usa   **
The Amazing Spider-Man---2012---usa   **
Darling Companion---2012---usa   **
The Master---2012---usa    ****
We Bought A Zoo---2011---usa   **1/2
Sweet Revenge---1998---england   ***
Alps---2012---Greece   ***1/2
Little Miss Marker---1980---usa   *1/2


hidden staircase said...

i can't decide between 4 or 4.5 for l'iceberg! only frustrating part detracting would be watching the husband flounder around like an idiot. he pursues though in the end! what a great, quirky film. loved the colors and look of it and the stylized scenes and of course, the story. really 'cool' - ha!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

I thought the husband and kids stuff was kind of funny--the kid driving the car, the utter cluelessness of him...all these people are the leads in the other films they do too.