Sunday, September 02, 2012

August movies

I've been really, really lazy. And busy. Hence long layoff. I'll try to post some stuff in September to get back on the horse. I've added a new element to the monthly recaps--listed guest speakers who were at the screening. These are usually the director, actor or others connected to the film or who are fans of the movie and lead the Q and A. Los Angeles is a goldmine for guest speaker screenings!

My documentary binge continued with nine of the nineteen films I saw being documentaries. One reason for that is the sheer amount of "streamers" offered on Netflix. While I'm not completely sold on Netflix streamers due to lack of selection, they do have a lot of documentaries on offer.

Celeste and Jesse Forever---2012---usa   ***
Kumare---2012---usa   ***  [Vikram Gandhi, actor/director]
Searching for Sugar Man---2012---usa   ****
The Campaign---2012---usa   ***1/2
Split Image---1982---usa   ***1/2
In the Mood for Love---2000---hong kong   ****
Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan---1982---usa   *****! [Nicholas Meyer, director; Peyton Reed, director]
The Story of Wrestlemania---2011---usa   **
Lisztomania---1975---england   ***1/2 [Allison Anders, director]
I Am Legend---2007---usa   **
Night of the Living Dead---1968---usa   ****
Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade---2007---usa   **1/2
Poltergeist---1982---usa   ****1/2
William Burroughs: A Man Within---2010---usa   **1/2
Special When Lit: A Pinball Story---2009---usa   ***
Rise and Fall of the Clash--2012--england  *** [Nick Sheppard; Pearl Harbor, musicians]
Circle Jerks: My Career as a Jerk--2012--usa  **1/2 [Dave Markey, director; Lucky Lehrer, Greg Hetson, Earl Liberty--all musicians]
The Ambassador--2012--denmark  ***1/2    [Mads Brugger, actor/director]
Slovenian Girl---2009---slovenia   ***

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