Monday, June 25, 2012

Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is a dreamland for movie palace lovers. There's the Million Dollar Theatre, the Palace, the Orpheum, the Los Angeles and the United Artists just to name a few. Rarely are films shown at them, but every summer the Los Angeles Conservancy schedules screenings. Thanks to the screenings, the theatres can be experienced for the reason they were created: watching movies. I'd been inside the Million Dollar Theatre and the Orpheum, but the Los Angeles I'd only admired from the street as I looked up lovingly at its bright red marquee.

Recently, SJ and I got to go inside the theatre [with over a thousand others] to see the 1973 film Paper Moon. What a jewell! I was kind of awestruck by this ornate, painfully beautiful structure. If you even attempt to tell me we've progressed as a culture regarding the way we watch movies since the Los Angeles was built in 1931, I might be tempted to slap you across the face and tell you never to talk to me again! Now we have multiplexes or boxed rooms that are indistinguishable from one another, then they had places like the Los Angeles. The Los Angeles has all the bells and whistles for the era, including an actual ball room below the theatre! Check out the images below and make yourself sad that you are forced to watch movies in the sterile confines movie theatres have devolved into.

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