Sunday, January 08, 2012

2011 statistics!

Here's the statistics for the year of 2011 in what I saw and where and who with and all of that kind of stuff. And yes, the yearly total for films with puking is in here too! It was a good year total wise with a healthy 256 amount. Spread amongst those was six different cities, nineteen people and involving movies from seventeen countries. Here's the full details.

By Month

January: 25
February: 19
March: 18
April: 16
May: 22
June: 24
July: 29
August: 19
September: 6
October: 15
November 23
December: 41

Total: 256

By Decade

1940-49: 2
1950-59: 5
1960-69: 8
1970-79: 20
1980-89: 33
1990-99: 6
2000-2009: 64
2010 +: 108

By Country

185--US and A!
17--England; France
4--Australia; Japan
3--Denmark; Germany; Mexico
1--Austria; Greece; Hong Kong; South Korea; Spain; Sweden

Who I Saw 'Em With

106--Sarah Jesse
98--Loner style
30--David Nofire
7--Lillian Blevins
6--Peter Klein
5--Mandy Durham; Stephanie Huettner; Brandon Pleake
4--Tim Spindle
2--Scott Booker; Larry Terry
1--Mary Beth Babcock; Carissa Cummins; Jane Estus; Aaron Mankekar; Jeff Martin; Kent Martin; Randy Patton; Greg Younger

Where I Saw 'Em

170--Tulsa, Oklahoma
78--Los Angeles, California
3--On a jet
2--London, England; Santa Monica, California
1--Dallas, texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In a theatre: 110
Documentaries: 60
Tearjerkers: 13
Puke-O-Meter: 27 [9.4% of all films I saw in 2011 had a vomit scene!]
Midnighters: 9
At Circle Cinema: 24
At New Beverly Cinema: 20


hidden staircase said...

that's a huge percentage of puke! humans are disgusting. i saw way too many scenes of men peeing in public restrooms last year. i hate those scenes and they always come up! there was one i didn't mind so much but it was smart and 'classy' if that's possible...julianne moore, pierce brosnan...some other man...where she walks in to talk to him in 'laws of attraction' (silly/cute romantic comedy filmed in ny and eire)-- LEAST favorite of movie scenes. i'm not fond of women's bathroom scenes either, but don't recall any recent ones. i don't keep statistics but those dang peeing scenes are too abundant and detestable!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Dang it, I wish you'd suggested bathroom scenes for 2012's weird stat. I might put it in retroactive. Seen six movies already, four of which are docs, so right now I'm 0-6.

I should toss out the 60 docs I saw for the % of films w/ puke in it. If I do that, the % rises from 9 to nearly 14%! That's too much puking.

I'm going to keep track of scenes in the toilet just for you HS. Should it be just any scene in a toilet? Even if people are just talking? Or, do they have to be officially doing their "business"? Your call.

hidden staircase said...

wow, i get a choice in your stats! i think i'll go with toilet scenes that involve characters doing their business. ones in and around toilets that don't aren't nearly so offensive! unless you feel like breaking it down. have fun keeping your grose "P" stats...puking and peeing...ugh!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Okay, you asked for it. I'll keep it: people urinating in films will be the new bodily function stat of 2012. Ha. So far I'm 0-6 but four of those six are docs, so really 0-2.

hidden staircase said...

i was thinking about the toilet scenes and realized that these scenes certainly are all written by men! i men really have conversations while doing their business? i know it's not film...but think i recall quite a few toilet scenes in 'party down'...including one with george takei and martin starr. while i get that the idea is sorta funny of these characters coming together in an awkward situation...i just don't want to see it! no thanks. i need to forget about your P stats for a bit, ha.