Sunday, August 01, 2010

July movies

It was a busy month. 33 movies, including the five horror films in a single all-night binge aka Slumber Party 2: Join Us. I was watching movies all month long though. Lots of highlights but one was watching Deliverance with SJ who had no idea what was coming her way (squeal!). Some of the others are coming up in the short capsule reviews I've been doing.

Knight and Day---2010---usa   **1/2
The Power and the Powerless--2009---usa   **1/2
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work---2010---usa   ***
Holly---2006---usa   ***
The Conformist---1970---italy   ***1/2
Despicable Me---2010---usa   ***
The Informant!---2009---usa   ***
You, The Living---2007---sweden   ****
Stonewall Uprising---2010---usa   ***
Deliverance---1972---usa   *****!
The Bad News Bears---1976---usa   *****!
Predators---2010---usa   **1/2
Inception---2010---usa   ***1/2
Out of the Past---1947---usa   ****
Sex y Lucia---2000---spain   ***1/2
You Don't Mess With the Zohan---2008---usa   ***
The Evil Dead---1982---usa   ****
My Brother's Wife---2005---mexico   **
The Evil Dead---1982---usa   ****
The Pit---1981---canada   ****
The Brood---1979---canada    ****
The Manitou---1979---usa   ***
Alligator---1980---usa   ***1/2
The American Friend---1978---germany   ***1/2
Micmacs---2010---france   ***
Logan's Run---1976---usa   ****
Man With a Million---1953---usa   **1/2
Synth Britannia---2009---england   ****1/2
Restrepo---2010---usa   ***1/2
The Kids Are All Right---2010---usa   ****
Elvis On Tour---1972---usa   ****
Is Anybody There?---2008---england   **1/2
The Brooklyn Heist---2009---usa   **1/2

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