Monday, February 01, 2010

January movies

Twenty three films kicking off 2010 with style although, as I posted earlier in January, the year got off to a rough start in terms of quality films. The whole month actually is an assortment of scores in the 2 1/2 stars or below range. Nine of them. That's a lot for one month. I did watch North By Northwest for the umpteenth time thanks to a bluray disc loan from Vern. I love that movie so much. And I saw 400 Blows for at least the fifth time. That's another one I love. Two classics back to back.

The Blind Side--2009--usa   **
The Open Road--2009--usa  *1/2
Hell Ride--2008--usa  *1/2
He's Just Not That Into You--2009--usa  **
High and Dizzy--1920--usa  ****
Dogtown and Z Boys--2003--usa  ****
Leap Year--2009--usa  *1/2
Fantastic Mr. Fox--2009--usa  ****
Mad Detective--2007--hong kong   ***
Lady Terminator--1988--indonesia   **1/2
A Single Man--2009--usa   ****
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee--2009--usa  **1/2
Burn After Reading--2008--usa  ***1/2
The House Bunny--2008--usa  **
Big Fan--2009--usa  ***
Tokyo Drifter--1966--japan  **1/2
The Baader Meinhof Complex--2008--germany  ***1/2
Youth In Revolt--2009--usa  ***
Sherman's March--1986--usa  ****
The Band's Visit--2007--israel  ***
North By Northwest--1959--usa  *****!
400 Blows--1959--france  *****!
Police, Adjective--2009--romania  ****

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