Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad movies in early 2010

The first few days in 2010 has not been good for me when it comes to good movies. I've seen seven films already but five of them I'd consider not very good and have garnered ratings from 1.5 to 2 stars. Included in the mix: The Blind Side, The Open Road, Hell Ride, He's Just Not That Into You and Leap Year (I didn't see that by choice as it is my Urban Tulsa film for the week). Here's a few more negative thoughts on  all except Leap Year (I'll provide a link to that review in a few days). A few of these might vie for worst of 2010 despite the fact I'm only a few days into the year.

The Blind Side: I read the book by Michael Lewis this film is based on and advise you to skip the filmed version. It's one of the hokey, ridiculous, uplifting sports movies (USM) that come out every year like clockwork. The story of this homeless kid who gets taken in and discovers football is pretty amazing on its on--without the alterations to it to jazz it up for the masses by Hollywood. Infuriating. And if Sandra Bullock gets nominated for an Oscar for this one-note performance--someone ought to set the red carpet on fire when she arrives all dolled up.

The Open Road: Was this a straight to video film from last year? I don't recall it in theatres and for good reason--it's awful! Stuffed with cliches at every turn involving road films, father/son and boy/girl relationships, The Open Road lets Justin Timberlake try to show off his dramatic acting chops and guess what? He's got none. Just stick to showin' us the "sexy" JT and leave acting to actors, please?

He's Just Not That Into You: Huge casted romantic comedy/drama that is so mundane and pedestrian that it is gone from memory the second it ends (a good thing in this case). Some of the characters are so annoying and can only exist in "movieland" that I wanted to slap some sense into them (Ginnifer Goodwin in particular).

Hell Ride: 1970s drive-in genre wannabe that reeks despite lots of violence between biker gangs and wall-to-wall nudity. Writer/director Larry Bishop gives one of the worst performances in recent memory, sort of channeling Al Pacino with too much spray tan as supposedly the baddest mofo on two wheels. It's comical just how far removed from that he is as real bikers would laugh right in his face and then beat him to a pulp.


larry said...

Sandra Bullock for Best Actress in The Blind Side? This is why they increased the Academy Awards 5 to 10. Mindless!

Joshua Blevins Peck said...

Larry: Thankfully--it's only the best films that has been upped to 10. But, I could see some braniac thinking to just up all the categories to ten.

Do we really, really, really want to see 10 actors nominated in the best supporting actor category, etc etc?