Friday, September 04, 2009

August movies

The film of August, and maybe 2009, was without a doubt The Hurt Locker. Recommended! District 9 was also very good. I enjoyed Inglorious Basterds more than Tarantino's last couple of films but still felt it was flawed in some aspects. I saw three films with the word "heart" in the title toward the end of the month which I didn't realize until I was writing the films down for this post.

The Hurt Locker
---2009---usa ****1/2
Prom Night In Mississippi---2008---usa ***
Harry In Your Pocket---1973---usa ***1/2
Barcelona---1994---usa ****
Shaun of the Dead---2004---england ****
16 Candles---1984---usa *****!
Evil---2005---greece **1/2
Hard Times---1975---usa ****
District 9---2009---south africa ****
(500) Days of Summer---2009---usa ***1/2
Heartbeeps---1981---usa **1/2
Paper Heart---2009---usa **1/2
Inglorious Basterds---2009---usa ***1/2
Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo---2009---usa ****

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Anonymous said...

slim on the foreign films again!
- sd