Saturday, September 13, 2008

My obligatory seattle scarecrow video post

I'm in Seattle and that means one thing: my traditional Scarecrow Video post. Long-term readers will know that this place is truly one of my favorite places on EARTH! It's a mecca for cinema lovers. My DNA is wired to be able to come in, navigate the shelves and find something wonderful. 

As you can see in photo two, the foreign section is a mindblower. This is only about 2/3 of the section. If you want to see films from Finland or Portugal or Chile or India or Mexico or practically anyplace in the world--this is the section for you. It helps to have a multi-region DVD player to fully discover the foreign section as lots of the films in stock are direct from other countries. I had to leave my multi-region player in Seattle when I moved home because I'm not going to use it in Oklahoma that's for sure. 

The other two photos show how the shelves are arranged by director. While there are traditional sections such as comedy or drama, the main floor of the video store is dedicated to the director and there are dozens of shelves with films from directors from around the world--the obscure and the very well known. One of my favorites is the Preston Sturges shelf and if you know you "Sokurov" is on the 1st photo (without consulting IMDB), then you are worthy of entering the director's area with your head held high in confidence. 

There you have it. My annual Scarecrow post. I've rented a Cuban film, a Japanese film and am going to rent another Czech film for the jet ride home. I'm also renting Tony Gatlif's latest to watch when I get home and then mailing it back to The Hidden Staircase for her to return for me. 

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