Friday, August 01, 2008

July movies

As I wrote earlier--July was the month of old or foreign films. Of the nineteen I saw in July, fifteen would qualify as one of the two (I'm counting the films I saw from the 1980s--heck, that's twenty years old!). Five ***** star films might be a record for a month--it's the old films that I've seen and loved and was rewatching. For the Irene Dunne update--Theodora Goes Wild was the 6th film of hers I've seen this year. I heart Irene Dunne!

Only Angels Have Wings---1939---usa ***1/2
His Girl Friday---1940---usa *****!
Millennium Actress---2001---japan ***1/2
Reprise---2007---norway ****
Employee of the Month---2004---usa **1/2
Theodora Goes Wild---1936---usa ****
Time---2005---south korea ****
One Week---1920---usa *****!
Hancock---2008---usa ***
2 Days In Paris---2007---france ****
Cousins---1989---usa ****
Jean de Florette---1986---france *****!
Manon of the Spring---1986---france *****!
Tokyo Gore Police---2008---japan ***1/2
The Dark Knight---2008---usa ***1/2
Private Property---2006---france ***
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial---1983---usa *****!
Bigger, Stronger, Faster---2008---usa ***1/2
The Warriors---1979---usa ****


Fritschie said...

Please tell me you were forced to watch Employee of the Month at gunpoint.

Replicant said...

I love Steve Zahn so that's why I watched it. I also like Christina Applegate and Matt Dillon...this move wasn't very good though. But, if Zahn is in it, I'll watch it.