Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight

Saw The Dark Knight last weekend at IMAX and while it was entertaining, I think some of the positive reviews are going completely overboard. I guess this is the Citizen Kane of summer, comic book superhero movies! Too much hype for me. Am I the only person out there who thought this was just okay? While the film is incredibly made, it's too long. Bale's one-note "Batman" voice (kind of a deep, husky mumble) gets tiresome and Ledger's role as "The Joker," while well above average for these kinds of films, it seems he's already been given the Oscar from what I'm reading about the film.

Granted, these comic book superhero summer blockbusters are not my favorite kind of film. They don't even make the top ten genres for me so maybe I'm a bit biased--but with the unrelenting hype and praise The Dark Knight is being given, it just did not live up to the billing for me.


Laura said...

I saw this tonight and I have to agree with you, mostly. Especially about Bale's "Batman voice" - it drove me nuts! Half the time I couldn't even make out what he was saying. I enjoyed it, definitely more than more superhero movies, but these just aren't the kind of films that really float my boat.

I saw it at the new Warren theater and we sat in the fancy schmancy balcony - a pretty nice moviegoing experience if you can overlook the waitstaff walking in front of you a couple times. The screen is HUGE. Worth the $18 every once in a while just for fun.

Fritschie said...

I feel a lot of problems people have with a film like this is due to hype overload. I had to unplug myself from talk about the flick after a while, and I really enjoyed it.

I went to see it a second time, and many of the problems I had with the film (pacing, two-face's makeup, etc.) just went away. It was a pretty solid film, in my humble opinion.

I do worry that I liked Ledger's performance for the same reason I liked Brandon Lee in The Crow...More honoring the dead than enjoying the performance on its own merits.

Ryan said...

I completely agree with your post.