Saturday, March 22, 2008

2nd favorite film from 2007

I won’t claim Once is anywhere near the best made or crafted film I saw this year, because it’s not. What Once has is a magical, thrilling, yearning, romantic quality that made me FEEL right down to the marrow. If a movie makes my heart skip, beat faster or ache, well, that usually means one special movie.

Made on the cheap, the very cheap, Once (check out the July 2007 archives for the long review) is full of lots of earnest songs as it tells the story of a Dublin street musician and his new found relationship with a Czech woman is sweet + somber. The ending will knock you back in your seat and leaving you thinking about it for a long time. Great ending and great little movie.


Saw Lady said...

I agree with what you said. I watched 'Once' a few days ago. A friend lent me the DVD saying I have to watch it because it's about a street performer (and I am one, too). The scene where the busker runs after a guy who stole money from his bag rang very true - I had that happen to me, too, and it ended the same way as in the movie. From there on the movie kept growing on me as it went on.

All the best,

Saw Lady

Craig said...

Too many people have said good things about this... I need to check it out one of these days! Thanks for the review(s).