Monday, October 01, 2007

September movies

Night Passage/1966/USA/2
Grave of the Fireflies/1988/Japan/3
King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters/2007/USA/4
Gregory's Girl/1980/Scotland/3.5
Soccer Days/2003/Spain/3.5
The Grand Role/2005/France/2.5
The Sweet Lady With the Nasty Voice/2007/USA/3
10 Items Or Less/2006/USA/1!!!
Doc Hollywood/1991/USA/3.5
3:10 to Yuma/2007/USA/3.5
Eastern Promises/2007/Canada/4
The Lives of Others/2006/Germany/4
Trust the Man/2005/USA/3
Raising Arizona/1987/USA/5!!!
A Love Song For Bobby Long/2004/USA/3.5
Legend (Director's Cut)/1985/USA/3


Anonymous said...

Raising Arizona = 5

Fuck Yes

Replicant said...

Raising Arizona was great to re-watch because it was at the Circle as a part of the midnight movie series I program there. We had a really scratchy print w/ frames missing on the reel changes--sometimes that makes the film a little better when it's happening at 1 in the a.m.

I'd forgotten just how quirky and interesting an actor Nic Cage was when he was young. Now all he does is action shite.

Anonymous said...

After a certain point he just started playing himself in every movie. Nicholas Cage as Nicholas Cage in a Nicholas Cage production. Can't stand that crap.