Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Twin Peaks Viewing Society of Tulsa

Tonight was the first meeting of a new group in Tulsa: the Twin Peaks Viewing Society! As of tonight we've got 32 members who came to watch the pilot episode. The plan for the society is to watch the entire series--from pilot to season one to season two to Fire Walk With Me.

We had various kinds of pies of course. We had homemade caramel and apple. I'm bringing doughnuts next week. Lots of doughnuts. The next meeting of the TPVS is May 23 if you can make it.


Anonymous said...

Freakin awesome. My friend grew up in Washington, right near where they filmed a bunch of the series. He said Japanese tourists would always come through looking for the locations.

Replicant said...

Yeah, I've gotten to some of it too--ate pie at the diner in the show even! Snoqualmie Falls is 40 minutes outside of Seattle and that's the big waterfall and what the Great Northern is supposed to be.

Replicant said...

meeting number three of the Twin Peaks Viewing Society last week...after a long layoff we only drew 15 or so...diehards.