Monday, April 30, 2007

April movies

My three favorite new releases are Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz and The Namesake. All different, all worth seeing.

Old movie to watch--Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee is so quick you can barely see him punch a bad guy in the face.

The Lookout--2007--USA--3--Neo noir w/ a bearded Jeff Daniels.

--1974--UK--2.5--Nonsensical post '60s freak out w/ a hairy chested Sean Connery.

Blades of Glory
--2007--USA--3--Another silly Will Ferrell comedy, this time about ice skating.

--2007--USA--4--Great fun with a schlocky double feature w/ fake trailers.

Major League
--1989--USA--4--Number 5 on my all-time favorite baseball films.

Green Street Hooligans
--2005--UK--2.5--Elijah Wood as a soccer hooligan? Yeah right.

Loud Quiet Loud
--2006--USA--3.5--Documentary about the great band Pixies.

Nobody Knows
--2005--Japan--3.5--Bleak and powerful film about abandoned kids.

Music & Lyrics
--2007--USA--2.5--No chemistry, by the numbers, liked the '80s music.

Winter Kills
--1979--USA--2--Bad JFKesque political thriller that's more absurd than thrilling.

Days of Glory
--2006--France--3.5--Africans fight for WW2 France as they wont fight.

The Namesake
--2006--India--4--Powerful family drama from great director Mira Nair.

Hot Fuzz
--2007--UK--4--Wonderful cop comedy that is funny and actionpacked.

Viva Algeria
--2004--Algeria--2.5--Depressing film about 3 Algerian women.

Enter the Dragon
--1973--USA--4--Bruce Lee in slow motion at 1 a.m. is MAGICAL!

Nights of Cabiria
--1957--Italy--4--Fellini in his prime and with a great ending.

--2004--Poland--1.5--Unlikeable, terrible and in running for worst of the year.

--2001--France--3--I'll watch Jean Reno in anything and everything.


bb said...

I was hoping Wasabi would have been better.

Replicant said...

I actually liked it more than I thought I would as Luc Besson hasn't done anything I've liked a lot since Leon. That was a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Hot Fuzz rocked the house. Good times were had by all.