Friday, February 02, 2007

January movies

Here's the list of movies I saw in January. I'm also including my rating for said film. I do a 1-5 rating, 1 being terrible and 5 being perfect. For the record, I don't generally give out a 5 the first time I see a really, really good movie. What may turn into a 5 after a couple of viewings usually starts off w/ a 4 or 4.5.

Georgy Girl--1966--England--3
The Devil Wears Prada--2006--USA--3
Black Peter--1963--Czech Republic--3
The Fireman's Ball--1967--Czech Republic--5!
Children of Men--2006--USA--4
Casino Royale--2006--USA--3.5
Seven Men From Now--1956--USA--3.5
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot--1974--USA--3.5
Streets of Fire--1984--USA--3
Good Morning, Night--2003--Italy--3
The Family Stone--2005--USA--2
The Curse of the Golden Flower--2006--China--3
Pan's Labrynthe--2006--Mexico--4
Old Joy--2006--USA--3.5
Shadow Magic--2001--China--3.5
The Last King of Scotland--2006--Scotland--3.5
Blue Velvet--1986--USA--5!


Reel Fanatic said...

You have good taste ... I thought Children of Men was the best movie of 2006 (though that may change later today when I finally get to see Pan's Labyrinth) ... And I'm definitely with you on five stars for Amelie .. what a charming little movie

Replicant said...

I'm about to do my top films after I've seen Letters From Iwa Jima and The Queen...Children of Men WILL be near the top.

Those who don't love Amelie are cold hearted bastards!