Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 totals!

It's that time again. I add up all the totals of the year I spent dedicated to watching movies and go public. I've been keeping these "stats" since 1998 so this was my 9th year of documenting my movie watching. Bow down with envy to my film geekdom!

2006 total: 216
Foreign movies: 53
Decade when movie I watched was made: 2000 and up (144), 1980-89 (23), 1970-79 (16), 1990-99 (15), 1960-69 (8), 1950-59 (5), 1930-39 (2), 1920-29 (1), 1940-49 (1)
Amount I saw IN a movie theatre v. at a house: 82
Best month: December (25)
Worst month: October (10)
Average movies seen per month: 18
Average movies seen per week: 4.15
Documentaries: 29
Black and white: 13
Midnight movies: 11
At the Drive-In: 1
Times I cried while watching a movie: 13
Cities I watched movies in: Tulsa, Okla. (189), Seattle, Wash. (13), Pryor Creek, Okla. (5), Norman, Okla., St. Louis, Mo., Santa Fe, NM (2), Claremore, Okla., Guymon, Okla., Oklahoma City, Okla., Siloam Springs, Ark., Trinidad, Colo. (1)
Country a movie was from: US and A! (163), France (15), England (13), Japan (7), Spain (4), Australia, South Korea (3), China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy (2), Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Taiwan (1)
Who I watched the movie with: Alone (161), Brandi (13), Nancy (11), Cameron (8), Lillian (6), Rosemary, Sara, Shane (4), Donnie, Greg, Sherrill (2), Ashley, Barbara, Ellen, Gunter, Kelly, Kylie, Laura, Linda, Nicole, Paige, Sheri, Tim (1)


bb said...

Wow. Those are some stats.

Laura said...

I totally made your list. I feel, truly, honored.

But we must watch more than one film together this year. Although, for only one in 2006, we sure picked a gem!

Tim said...

Laura, I agree! J, we must double our efforts in aught-7.

Anonymous said...

You're a mad man. How'd you compile the list???

Replicant said...

Laura/Tim: I know for you who I only watched 1 film with this year. You were first timers to the list so maybe '07 it'll go up some.

tssk: I keep track of the stats month by month so by the end of the year I just add them up. You want to see something that will blow your mind look at the "Career" stats that last from 1998-2006.

Replicant said...

I forgot to list my favorite movie title of the year: Death Ride to Osaka ('83).

the hidden staircase said...

pretty cool to be #2 and seattle to be #2 too...