Friday, July 07, 2006

PSH tried to do it for ALL of us!

I caught Mission Impossible 3 yesterday at the dollar theatre and I confess, I spent the entire movie hoping that Philip Seymour Hoffman would get to «kill» superspy Ethan Hunt. The reason—Hunt is played by the always grinning, always annoying Tom Cruise. Heck, I was so caught up in rooting for Hoffman's bad guy I was hoping he'd off Cruise on-screen wife in the process of killing the high powered Scientologist. Kill anyone and everyone in the path to getting to Cruise/Hunt!

Hoffman, whose never gotten to play the bad-ass action villain, gives a snarling try of it, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to know that he fails. What? Don't tell me I spoiled the ending for you, this is a Cruise action blockbuster afterall. Maybe Hoffman can get Cruise to slum in a little movie sometime and «kill» him in that. I would be a happy robot just to watch him die in anything.

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Jory-san said...

Is ST in any movies where he gets it handed to him? i can't remember. how did Magnolia end?

nobody i know liked MI3 but i'll go see it here in Nippon. Also, nobody liked X3, but i'm definitely going to see it. i don't fully trust people that haven't read as many of the comics as i have.