Monday, March 06, 2006

The solitude of movie watching

Thanks to GrgY who did some fancy bar & pie that show just how many movies I see alone over the years since I've been tracking the "stats" in Kinetoscope--my old school film zine I used to do, starting in 1998.

Graph #1: a year by year breakdown starting in '98 of how many films I saw each year with an escort v. completely alone. I didn't realize until I saw GrgY's graph how many films I saw last year by myself. Kind of sad really.

Graph #2
: a raw total of all films I've seen from 1998-2005 done in a nice simple pie.

I guess it's obvious from these graphs that I need to make some movie loving friends that can keep me company during my film watching--at least to cut down the number to 50%. That might be a pipe dream though as in 2006 I've seen 40 films, 7 with other people. That's the beginnings of another sad and ugly graph I'm afraid.


Laura said...

I promise to see at least one movie with you this year.

I think we may be moving-watching soulmates. We'd never, ever have to shush each other.

uncle joe said...

Okay, Ive got Joe vt Volcano and we can watch that together whenever you call me and tell me to bring it.
I don't like ugly graphs either.

Then we can watch Earth Girls are easy....

Replicant said...

I forgot to total it up...1,848 movies seen between 1998-2005 with an average of 231 films watched per year.

And any of you doubt my film geekness after this post?

Xtine said...

this stat should make me sad. I mean who would have thought that a medium created for the purpose of entertaining and sharing would be totally used by the sad and lonely. Then again, I think there are times when I prefer to watch alone. I mean who needs to hear someone else's chewing and yapping during important moments of cinematic awe. hummm.

Replicant said...

the sad and lonely part was meant kind of tongue in cheek. i'm not really sad and i'm not really lonely. i just watch a lot of movies alone.

Mark Rogers said...

I need to get comfortable with seeing movies alone. It seems like I just won't go if I don't have anyone to go with.