Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flightplan--possible worst of 2005

So this is what Jodie Foster has become? Foster, the Academy Award winner, who was once thought of as one of the best actresses working in Hollywood, is now officially making movies for C-A-S-H-O-L-A.

Maybe she had dinner with Robert De Niro as he’s completely gone the same route with sludge like the woeful Hide and Seek. It’s a sad day when De Niro gives one of his best recent performances on a bleeping American Express commercial!

It’s not that Flightplan is poorly made technically or just flat out bad, it’s just dull, uninteresting and lifeless. Often that’s the biggest sin and timewaster of all a movie can have.

With Flightplan’s predictability and the absurd twists that are pure screenwriter 101 invention, Foster has fallen to unseen depths. I’m sure there is a willing sponsor to see her act in a commercial extolling the virtues of beer, credit cards or financial investment that she can fall back on. Mr. De Niro’s agent has those numbers for you Jodie whenever you are ready for them.


Laura said...

I saw Flightplan this week on Family Movie Night (the night I go with my family to the dollar theater for only 50 cents). I didn't really want to see it, but I couldn't talk my brother-in-law into seeing Just Like Heaven (hey - the options are limited at the cheap seats). Anyway, it was pretty lame, but I did find myself getting a little bit caught up in the tension towards the end of the film. Then they totally blew it and just ended the film abruptly. Whenever the pilot said, "She's carrying her daughter," my brother-in-law and I started cracking up. Corny!

Replicant said...

while this was one of my least favorite this year i'd certainly say it was worth seeing for 50 cents. i love it when the dollar movie goes discount.